Drawing workshop

 The workshop: 1. Make an quick observational drawing moving around every 30 seconds to achieve a varied image.
2. stop and find a small square within the work that you liked
3. find its opposition, another small square with opposite qualities
4. Now find the product of those two drawings, something that contains qualities from both images
5. Make a design that contains the qualities aimed at the product.

This drawing workshop was a turning point for me, by making me stop and think about each mark.

During this task I chose a square with allot going on, in terms of colour, different marks and curved lines and so its opposition was minimal. The product of these together was a minimal square that contained a range of different marks and colours.

This made me think about how important a line or mark should be and the qualities each one contains. I found that the marks that were opposing became interesting when they worked together in a minimal way and as soon as you through space into the mix it completely changes the way you view a line.

After thinking about making a mark more important by providing it with more space this linked back to the film metropolis and the different class systems. Its almost like the over populated marks were symbolising the lower class systems with no line standing out and the minimal marks demanded attention and became important.

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life."

Oscar Wilde